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Certificate Chain


One of the challenges faced in the admission process for higher education in India & abroad and selection of the candidates for the jobs is the verification of the certificates produced by the candidates. The verification of the correctness and genuineness of the certificate with the concerned universities or boards not only takes months , it also takes the effort and processing time. Hence most of the times, the institutes and companies will go by the original produced by the candidates. Even if the candidate has given the fake certificate, they have to accept and proceed. This challenge is faced for many years without any proper solution.
To overcome this challenge, National Informatics Centre has come up with the solution using Blockchain Technology and the solution is called as Certificate Chain. This Certificate Chain ensures that certificates are recorded in secured, tamper proof and traceable manner. And these certificates are accessed online by any one in trustable and verifiable manner.

Certificate Chain

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Certificate Chain has been established using the Blockchain Technology to record the educational certificates of various boards, by linking them like a chain. Certificate Chain records the certificates in distributed manner in multiple locations. Certificates in this chain are secured, tamper proof and immutable. Attempt to tamper the data is not possible as all the distributed locations need to be updated as per the agreement to synchronise the data between them.

Features of Certificate Chain

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Certificate Chain records the certificates in the shared/distributed manner with all the participating stakeholders. The certificates are recorded in the chain based on the consensus between the stakeholders. This eliminates the need for dependency on the third party. The certificates are linked and stored with cryptographic security so that they are immutable and traceable. The linking of the blocks in the blockchain ensures that they cannot be tampered with. The certificates are trustable as they can be verified across the participating stakeholders.

  • Secured
  • Trusted
  • Immutable
  • Traceable
  • Verifiable

Benefits of Certificate Chain

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Certificate Chain provides the trustable, immutable and traceable certificates. It can be used by the various educational institutes for admission for higher studies and companies for job offers. It can also be used for the online counselling by the institutes. The financial institutes can also use this system for sanctioning of educational loans and other loans based on the qualification of the applicants.

  • Transparent
  • Tamper Proof
  • Paperless
  • No dependency on third party

Users of Certificate Chain

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Certificate Chain provides the mechanism for the educational institutes and companies to verify online the details of the claims of the applicants, who applies for the higher education or job. It also helps in counseling process, by integrating the systems with plug-in interfaces. This certificate chain aims to provide the educational certificate details of various boards and universities in coming days. Thus, eliminating the need to depend upon the third party to carry out the verification. It also drastically saves the time for verification and promotes the paperless verification.

  • Students
  • Educational Institutes
  • Job Providers
  • Financial Institutes

Contents in Certificate Chain

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As indicated above, the Certificate Chain contains the Certificates of the various universities and boards. As and when the new certificate is issued by these universities or boards, they will send the signed certificates to the Certificate Chain and Certificate Chain will link these certificates and build the chain and will store securely in the certificate Chain.

Presently, SSLC and PUE Boards of the Karnataka are participating in the chain and going to start the storing the certificates from year 2020 and gradually go back for the previous years. The other boards and universities have also shown interest in participating in this chain.

Markscard Archival Secured System (MASS)